How to naturally remove body hair permanently no waxing or shaving

Today we are going to present you a 400-year old recipe for a remedy which is consisted of completely natural ingredients. This ancient remedy originates from Myanmar (formerly Burma) and it’s going to help you eliminate the body hair permanently. Isn’t that amazing?

Body hair is cosmetic problem for numerous people around the world. There are a few methods to remove the body hair, such as shaving, waxing, certain expensive treatments in cosmetics saloons etc.

We advise you to try this natural remedy that will efficiently remove the body hair and there aren’t any side-effects.

The combination of Thanaka Powder and Kusumba Oil is one of the best solutions for this irritating problem.


In Burmese language, Thanaka means elephant. To be exact, Thanaka powder is soft bark powder derived from Burmese Thanaka tree. The powder is widely used for promoting the skin quality.

Kusumba oil is obtained from the precious Kusuma flower. It‘s pressed out of the seeds of the flower with a specific pressing method to get the oil out of the small seeds. This natural oil possesses incredible moisturizing properties and it’s often combined with Thanaka powder.


This is the recipe for the treatment for hair removal based on herbs. It makes the hair thinner, softer and invisible.


  • pure Thanaka powder
  • pure Kusumba oil

Prepare a mixture by combining 1 tablespoon of Thanaka powder and two tablespoons of Kusuma oil until you get a thick lotion. Next, apply the resulted paste on those areas of your face where you want to remove the hair. Leave it to act for at least two hours and then rinse it off. Optionally, you could leave it to act during the night and wash it off after you wake up in the morning.Instructions for Body Application: For removing the hair from your body, mix two tablespoons of Thanaka powder and about 5–6 tablespoons of Kusuma oil and mix everything until you get a thick lotion. Apply the natural lotion to those areas where you have unwanted hair and leave it to act for about 2 hours. Then, wash it off. By your choice, you can leave it during the entire night and take bath in the morning.
In order to achieve best results, you should apply this treatment every day in a period of 3 weeks. In addition, you can add some turmeric powder and ripen papaya piece to the paste and thus brighten your skin complexion.

Grades of Thanaka Powder

It is very important to mention that there are 3 grades of quality of Thanaka powder:

Grade A: pure form found in Burma and grade B and grade C are a mixed form with multi Matti and sandal powder, found in Malaysia and Thailand.

Most commonly, grade B and grade C are used as a face pack and they are efficient treatment in the fight against black spots and acne marks.