Every Night He Puts A Wet Towel On The Window, And When You See Why, You’ll Do The Same!

We all know how it’s like to lay in bed, and the summer heat slowly destroys us. Well, not literally, but the heat doesn’t let us get a good night sleep. So, air conditioner is always a good option, but, we have a new cheaper solution for you.

– Try putting your pillow in the fridge. It may sound strange, but we all want the cool side of the pillow, don’t we?

– Another great trick that works great for me is putting a wet towel on the window. That will work as a natural air conditioner.

– If you want to cool off the room before you go to sleep, just put a plate with ice in front of the ventilator.

– If you remove all electronic devices from the bedroom, or the one’s charging, you’ll notice a difference immediately.

– After a very long day, a cool bath tub is great, but this one is for your feet. It will not only cool you off, but it will also help you to easily fall asleep.

– Putting on wet socks, especially in the hot nights will definitely refresh you. And they don’t have to be wet, just put them in the freezer and then put them on. I bet you will enjoy that feeling!