Because of the increased number of many diseases, there have been researches how, and in what way to reduce and prevent diseases in humans and how to improve the health status of all.

From performed tests, it was found that people who walk regularly are less sick than those who are physically inactive. People who walk at least 1,000 meters a day lived on longer than those who are not active. To save your life you need to walk or you can exercise. It is thought that those who exercised 10 minutes and three times a day has the same effect on those who exercise 30 minutes at a time.

Walking and also the stroll

Hiking is good, it’s cardio exercise but neither encourages cortisol and therefore will not feel hunger opposed to running. Best for the everyone, irrespective of age is to wear sneakers, take a bottle of water and how much can walk and it will provide good health and long life and quality. The first 10 minutes walking you go slower and then speed up and almost at the end of a walk when you feel tired, you will slow down the rhythm of walking. In the beginning or in the first days of a hiking will feel fatigue, rapid heartbeat, sweating, muscle pain but in the coming days, it will disappear. After a short period of walking, your body will get accustomed and you can increase the distance of walking from day to day more.

It has been found that regular walking assists and prevents:

– The occurrence of diabetes,
– Heart attack and stroke,
– Preventing osteoporosis
– Strengthens bones and muscles,
– Maintains elasticity
– Gives energy,
– Reduce and maintain weight
– Good sleep,
– Helps in depression
– Regulates the pressure,
– Reduces the risk of cancer,
– Lowers cholesterol and improves overall healthy people.


Scientists have made studies between running and walking and found that both groups spent the same amount of energy. The group was pedestrians suffered greater health benefits than, group runs. Walking is the best exercise for people and this is recommended by experts for fitness. We will make a comparison with running and walking being done to see the impact of heart disease and the risk of them.

  • To reduce the risk of walking cholesterol is 7.2% and 4.2% in running.
  • To reduce the risk of hypertension by going to 7% and 4.3% by running
  • To reduce the risk of diabetes for walking and running the same and it is 12%.

Some studies that have been made have been shown to exercise three times a day 10 minutes gets an equal effect as exercising 30 minutes without interruption. From all this, it can be concluded that the difference between running and walking is in the intensity of these activities and achieves the same effect.

Walking helps everyone

If you want to lose weight, improve cardiovascular health the best way is to walk. For fat people, it is best to walk to melt the fat in the body because if running may suffer knees, hips due to the weight. Therefore to avoid injuries is recommended hiking which also helps to speed up metabolism, improve energy and burn excess fat. Is considered that made ten thousand steps a day makes women feel four years younger, and it is only required to buy sneakers and start walking and to gain benefits which gives you hiking.

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