The 9 Best Herbs for a Home Garden!

These herbs can not only be grown at home during the year, and in water, they are used in the preparation of dishes, salads, sauces.

In addition to being used in the diet, they are with many medicinal properties. To grow these herbs in the water you need glass bottles or jars, in which to put the water, but from the outside, you need to roll up the paper to prevent algae dishes with herbs.

Some of these herbs need to change their water once a week, as is the case with rosemary.

  • Rosemary

Rosemary grows faster in the spring and is stored in a sunny place. It is used in the preparation of fish, stews, roast meat and more. It treats women’s diseases and rheumatism, and the leaves are used for it.

  • Basil

The basil is a herb that can stand for a long period of fresh water, only needs to be put before the flower develops. In cooked dishes it is placed before the end, when eating is ready for the taste to be more pronounced. This herb relaxes Telcom, soothes, makes you drowsy, it stimulates the secretion of stomach juices and speeds up digestion.

  • Thyme

In the middle of spring before the summer takes fresh thyme twigs and placed in a glass container and cut branches, to then she alone branches. This herb is used in preparing food as a spice but is very healing. It is used as a remedy for all types of stomach problems, against intestinal parasites and reduces nervous tension.

  • Oregano

This herb in water grows like grass and is mostly used in Italian cuisine. Heal’s colds, flu improves appetite, soothes the stomach, a headache, stimulates digestion, and more.

  • Sage

Drops of this herb are taken and placed in water in the light, and so it is then used as a spice in the preparation of many dishes. This herb is considered one of the most healing herbs because it performs detoxification of the organism, reduces temperature, a headache, purifies the blood and has the antiseptic effect.

  • Stevia

Stevia, if you put a few twigs in a bowl of water, it will grow and you can spend it for a longer period of time. Stevia is used to maintain health and improve the quality of life.

  • Lemon balm (Herb)

This herb is also picked and placed in a glass bowl with water in spring or autumn, and after 21st day it releases its root. The leaves of this herb have a similar smell like lemon and contain large amounts of vitamin C.

  • Mint

Fresh branches from Nana are in a watery state with water, and this hill may have a longer period of time in the water, but only the liver is infected, and it is rampant. It is used as a spice in many dishes, liqueurs, and sweets. In addition, it also has medicinal properties: relieves stomach problems, improves appetite, has a mild sedating effect, and more.

  • Dill

A herb that is easily grown and used in salads and sauces. This herb improves digestion and stimulates appetite.

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