Press On These Points On Your Palms And See What Happens To Your Body

Did you know that pain from different parts of your body can be alleviated only if you press on specific points on your hands? This is possible because each finger is associated with at least one organ in the body, but also with some emotions.

The method is simple: you have to press that point for 5 seconds, while you deeply breath. In this way you can combat many health problems.

I will present you the point you should press and how these points are related to your organs and emotions.

Thumb – is directly linked to spline and stomach. In addition, here are find the anxiety and depression. When you feel stressed, nervous, have stomach pain, headaches or skin problems, press on the thumb top and you will feel better.

Forefinger – If you have problems with bladder and kidneys, this will help you solve these problems. In addition, pressing the tip of the finger, you will manage disappointment, fear and confusion. At the same time, you can get rid of toothaches, muscle pain, back problems and stomach burns.

The middle finger – It regulates the gallbladder and liver. In addition, if you have problems with temperament or you feel irritable and indecisive, press the tip of the finger and you will improve your mood. At the same time, it helps to improve eyesight and blood circulation, relieves pain caused by menstrual cramps and migraines.

Ring finger – By pressing the tip of this finger, you can stimulate colon and lung function. Regarding the emotions, you can improve fear of rejection and negativity. In addition, people who have digestive problems, skin disorders or respiratory problems such as asthma, can combat these diseases by pressing the tip of the ring finger.

Little finger – This finger is directly connected to the heart and small intestine. When you are angry, worried or insecure, you can get your confidence by pressing the tip of the little finger. Also, you can relieve bone pain, heart pain, neck pain and bloating.

Base of the thumb – Pressing this point can combat cough, breathing problems and also this point can improve the function of the thyroid gland.

Palm center – Pressing this point combat the problem produced by the stomach, abdominal pain and digestive problems.

The fleshy part of the palm – This part of the palm is responsible for heart and endocrine function. Pressing this point to combat heart problems and maintain the hormones balanced

The continuation of the little finger – Pressing this point helps to combat problems caused by appendicitis and keep under control the level of sugar in the body.