The legs are a really interesting part of the body, all men are attracted, and we all know this! But why? There are many reasons why this is happening… Apparently, their shape can tell them a lot about how they’ll be in a relationship. Specifically, your legs give men a glimpse into how your performance will be in bed. It sounds crazy, but this is well-studied in science.

In her physical appearance, he looks for clues to tell him how a relationship with her would be and chooses the one who will provide him with healthy children.

To determine the shape of your legs for this guide, stand in front of a mirror with your feet close together and find the type that best matches your shape.

Type A

Your legs only have one gap in them that starts from your ankles and runs up to the middle of your calves. A common myth spread among young people is that the smaller the gap between a woman’s legs, the better she’ll be in bed.

Type A women are typically very gentle lovers. They exude their warmth that attracts like-minded men who aren’t afraid of showing their tender, feminine side. However, their femininity also means that they are shy and expect men to do things for them. To keep men interested, you should make a conscious effort to be more active in the relationship.

Type B

Your legs only touch in one place by your ankles. You’re likely adventurous and playful in your relationships.

Type B women aren’t afraid of taking charge of the relationship since they are strong and confident. This could lead to scaring someone off. Try to get more comfortable with making yourself emotionally vulnerable to your partners.

Type C

Your thighs are close but your knees and downward never touch. Type C women are romantic and thoughtful lovers. You’re gentle, but if your partner excites the wild side of you, you can go nuts. This can be a fun balance in a relationship.

Type D

Your legs touch in 3 places: your upper thighs, your knees, and your ankles. Most women have this shape.

Type D women are very traditional in bed and don’t like to try too many new things. Once they find a position they like, they want to keep doing it. Men like Type D women because of the praise they receive in bed.

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