ere is How To Apply Castor Oil To Grow Luscious, Thick and Enviable Hair

You are definitely missing out if you have never tried castor oil for its cleansing, medicinal and cosmetic properties. Every home should have a bottle of this versatile oil.

This is one of the best oils for regrowing hair. Many testimonies tell about how this oil works!

Castor oil is one of the most used components in many beauty and health products and different massage oils and medicines. It kills parasites and worms in the gut and can relieve constipation when taken internally in the right dosage.


Castor oil can really improve the appearance and health of your hair. You should definitely invest in bottle of this oil if shiny, thick and long hair is your goal.

Here are some of the ways you can use this oil:

  • Dandruff – this embarrassing issue can last for years. In order to get rid of dandruff forever and stop using dandruff shampoos full of chemicals, make a mixture between olive oil, lemon juice and castor oil. Apply it to the scalp and let it act for 60 min before shampooing as normal.
  • Long lashes – use Q-tip to dap this oil onto the eyelids before go to bed in order to have gorgeous eyelashes.
  • Split ends – rub this oil onto the ends of your hair and then let it act for at least 1 hour before shampoo as regular.
  • Regrows and thickens your hair – this oil is full of omega 9 fatty acids which nourish the follicles and hair. It penetrates deeply in the pores and produces hair.

Castor oil can get messy when applied to the hair because it has sticky and thick consistency.

This oil not only promotes stronger hair that does not fall out easily, it also prevents excessive hair loss. The antifungal and antibacterial properties of castor oil increase the circulation to the scalp to boost hair growth and treat scalp.

Castor oil also undoes the damage caused by harsh chemicals hair products when it is applied on a regular basis. The presence of powerful antioxidants in this oil supports keratin in your hair, making you hair less frizzy, smoother and stronger!