How Does Vaseline Help Eyebrows Grow?

Vaseline is widely used in each and every household as a handy remedy. Every woman has Vaseline in her skincare stash. Every woman dreams of thick eyebrows that she can shape to perfection. From castor oil to vitamin E, home remedies are tried and tested by women who have sparse brow hair. Since Vaseline is a multipurpose product that can give you long lashes, smooth out cuticles, and give you soft feet, let’s find out if Vaseline can grow eyebrow hair. In short, let’s find the answer to this question, Can Vaseline Grow Eyebrows?

Can I use Vaseline on my Eyebrows?
Yes, undoubtedly it is safe to use as a thick moisturizer like Vaseline around the eye area and eyebrows, as many products are not safe to be used around the eye area, but Vaseline is completely safe to use even on the eyelids, eyebrows, and the rest of the eye area.

Does Vaseline Help to Grow Eyebrows?
NO! Vaseline is an excellent moisturizer and is a clean form of petroleum jelly. Vaseline can do a lot of things, but growing eyebrows are NOT included in that list. Vaseline is a heavy occlusive moisturizer, but it’s not effective as a growth serum. It won’t grow eyebrows, but it will help them to be soft and shiny.

How Can I Grow Eyebrow Hair?

  • Castor oil” Castor oil can encourage hair growth as it contains protein. Castor oil is a common home remedy to stimulate hair growth, even on the scalp. Since castor oil is a thick form of oil and it may irritate the skin, you can mix it with almond oil in a 50-50 ratio and apply it on your eyebrows at bedtime daily.
  • Olive oil or Coconut oil: Both of these oils are effective in locking in moisture and encouraging hair growth. The best part is that these are natural oils and are commonly found in every home. You can mix both of these oils and store them in a container. To apply, simply pour 3-4 drops of oil on a cotton ball and apply on the eyebrows and let it sit overnight. Wash with a cleanser in the morning.
  • Eyebrow Growth Serum: These growth serums contain peptides and vitamins that encourage hair growth.
  • Onion Juice- Onion juice contains sulfur, minerals, B vitamins, selenium, and vitamin C, which are excellent to stimulate hair growth. Onion juice has been used in Ayurvedic hair growth tonics since ages in India, it aids in denser growth of eyebrow hair and hair follicles. You can apply onion juice to the eyebrows every alternate day.
  • Eat Biotin-rich foods: Consume healthy food, because it really helps to improve the overall health of skin, hair, and body. Biotin is a vitamin that helps hair growth. You could also buy a Biotin supplement after checking with your doctor. You can eat eggs, dry fruits, avocados, salmon, fish, and peanuts for a natural treatment of hair loss.
  • Avoid over-plucking- Since you are aiming for denser eyebrows, avoid plucking/threading eyebrows for a couple of weeks. Plucking/waxing/threading eyebrows damage their hair follicles eternally and prevent hair from growing back. therefore it’s advised to avoid over-plucking.

Hope this article helps you achieve beautiful-looking brows. Stay beautiful inside and out! Thanks for reading!

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