Early Symptoms of Ovarian Cancer

This cancer is also known as the “silent” disease because it had no early symptoms and it was usually discovered in its later stage.

So, for a long time, it was tough that the warning symptoms do not exist, however, the researches showed that actually, they are present more often than we think, we were just not aware of them.

That is why below you can read a list of symptoms tough to be the warning symptoms of ovarian cancer:

  • Feeling pain in the abdominal or pelvic
  • Bloating
  • Not normal urinating, for example, a frequent feeling of the need to go
  • Having trouble while eating or feeling full too soon

These symptoms were discovered in women that were diagnosed with this disease, who normally didn’t have it and after they were continual.

What to do?

These symptoms, however, are often ignored by the women because they are mistaken with other diseases’ symptoms like for example urinary tract infection or as part of the normal process of aging. So, if you notice some of these signs it is best to go to your gynecologist for a check-up and proper treatment if diagnosed.

However, there can be other problems with the ovaries, it doesn’t have to be cancer, so that is why you should pay attention and go to the doctors.