Brittle Nails Or Hair? Cramps Or Headaches? Acne Or Bumps? The Chances Are You Have This Deficiency!

If you are suffering from certain health issues, and you can`t find the cause, it`s very probable that your body lacks some mineral or vitamin. Here are 5 very most common symptoms and the nutrient deficiency they can be indicating:

  1. Headaches and/or muscle cramps:

  • Magnesium deficiency:

One of the most frequent mineral deficiencies. Statistics say that about 75% of people living in North America lack this important mineral, which is vital for proper function of the nervous system. Proper intake of magnesium can relax tense muscles and nerves, improve the sleeping quality and relieve headaches and muscle cramps. Eat more green leafy vegetables like kale or collard greens, they are rich in this mineral. Add Epson salt to you bath- it is rich in magnesium, which can easily be absorber through the skin.

  1. Hair loss and/or thinning hair:

  • Iron deficiency:

Iron carries the oxygen and other nutrients through the blood to the nail follicles. Lack of this mineral results in anemia, which can cause hair loss and thinning hair.

  1. Brittle nails and hair:

  • Biotin deficiency:

Biotin, or B7 vitamin, is responsible for healthy and beautiful hair. It`s deficiency is very rare because it can be found in many types of food. Some of the possible symptoms of biotin deficiency are broken/dry/brittle hair and/or brittle nails. If you want to treat or prevent this from happening, increase the intake of this vitamin, consume more food rich in B7.

  1. Acne:

  • Zinc deficiency:

Zinc controls the oil production in the body and it adds color and brightness to our complexion. Zinc is very useful for soothing skin inflammations, regeneration of skin cells and healing processes, plus it obstructs the enzyme which converts the testosterone into pimples. Zinc deficiency causes acne, so you need to take 30 mg a day to prevent or treat acne. A ΒΌ cup of raw pumpkin seeds can provide almost half of the recommended daily dose of zinc.

  1. Small, white bumps on the back of the arm:

  • Essential fatty acids deficiency:

If you notice little white bumps on the back of the arm, they may be the result of imbalance of essential fatty acids in your organism, meaning low levels of Omega3 and high levels of Omega6. Omega3 fatty acids have powerful anti-inflammatory properties, so its deficiency can cause inflammation resulting in these bumps. Essential fatty acids help dissolve the accumulation and prevent hardening of the hair follicle.