Today due to the fast life, we spend less time walking and more and more sitting. Medical experts are increasingly warning that unhealthy lifestyle leads to health problems.

Scientists argue that walking is considered to exercise and is good for our health, and is also equally well and exercise. Also, some study found that people who walk regularly are less getting sick than those who sit. To maintain the health of our body need take some time to walk if possible at least 15 minutes during the day.

Walking is the best prescription for physical and mental health. When we move the whole body work properly and better and during the movement of the whole body performs better physiological processes.

By walking or movement provides a physical force which quickly returns when the body has good condition. So people who are unable to exercise is best to walk and walking is also effective as exercise.

People who have more weight, it needs to walk because walking will help: regulation of blood cholesterol, reduces stress, depression, relaxing, relieve toxins and burn fat.

Why should walk!

Improves body exploits insulin,
Prevents diabetes
Burn fats
Helps in weight loss
Soothes and improves the mood
Reduces the risk of heart disease
Strengthens bones and muscles
Reducing the risk of stroke
Improves sleep
Regulates blood pressure
Improves mental function, and more.

With hiking are encouraged, the release of endorphins in the brain substances that help relaxation and other health benefits. It is thought that when you are anxious to relax and calm down if you go 15 minutes then drink a means of calming. Those people who constantly sit, it is best during the day to take time about 30 minutes of brisk walking can reduce the risk of disease.

The best physical activity recommended by fitness experts for the health of your body to stay healthy is walking.

Needed for this exercise, but also the stroll just to clothe yourselves comfortably and enjoy the benefits of this that will soon notice.

Enjoy a Life, healthy mind and healthy body and this requires a minimum of 15 minutes during the day who you will specify.

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