Why You Should Never Eat Another Banana In Your Life!

Bananas are a superfood with a lot of healthy benefits. But, it is scientifically proven that they can also be heavy to digest.

Also, on many prescribed medications it is strictly forbidden to be taken along with taking bananas in your daily diet. And the allergies bananas could cause are really severe…

Also, if you really watch what you eat, you might want to snack an apple or something else, because bananas have much more calories than other fruits.

Bananas are mid-level in the glycemic index – which is really not good if you’re a diabetic. Try avoiding them because one banana could mean you have enough sugars for the day.

Potassium which is good for your heart and circulation is contained in the banana. But if you eat too many, your potassium level would go high, causing hyperkalemia. This leads to irregular heartbeat, weakness in your muscles, temporary paralysis in separate parts of the body etc.

Tryptophan, also present in the bananas, slows down your mental process as well the time for your reactions. Plus, the magnesium in the banana releases your muscles. That’s why you should never have a banana for breakfast, because you will feel sleepy though you just had your morning coffee

Bananas are also rich with B vitamins. But if you take too much vitamin B6, you can also do slight damages to your nerves. But, you shouldn’t worry about this happening just from eating bananas….. if you’re taking some supplements that contain vitamin B6, then don’t combine them with bananas in your daily diet

The proteins that the banana contains are very similar to natural latex and if you’re sensitive or allergic to latex, you shouldn’t eat bananas as well

Though a banana is very smooth and babies can easily swallow it, it can be bad for their sensitive gut because it takes more to process.

If after eating a banana, your stomach starts to ache almost every time, make sure that the bananas you eat are STARCHY and not RIPE. They contain less starch and are easier to be digested

At the very end of this text, I share with you a list of drug-classes that you don’t want to mix with bananas. The list is taken by the FDA.

“ – Beta-blockers and ACE inhibitors are often proscribed for heart patients. They cause a surge of potassium in the blood stream. Eating bananas can lead to hyperkalemia.

  • Oxazolidine antibacterials and bananas can dangerously increase your blood pressure.
  • Diuretics help you remove water, sodium and chloride from your body. They are often prescribed for heart of liver problems. Mixing these with bananas can cause hyperkalemia.”