The Way You Sleep Reveals a Lot About Your Personality

How a person sleeps seems a very small and insignificant part about their life. Anyway, how often do we even get a chance to notice how another person sleeps. Yes, that Cullen guy definitely did it, but wasn’t that creepy to the extreme. However you don’t need to creepily stalk people and watch them sleep to know about their sleeping pattern and position (thank god for that!). You could simply ask them.

And before you wonder why on earth would you want or need to know in what position a certain person sleeps, let us tell you that researchers, sleep scientists (yes, they exist) and psychologists all agree that the positioning of our body-parts when we sleep, can tell a lot about our habits and personality. Still don’t believe it?

Check the following list and see if your sleeping position and its corresponding description of personality sounds familiar:


All of you must have heard the phrase- sleeping like a log. Well, it indicates more than just tiredness. If you are used to sleeping on your sides, with your legs extended straight outwards and your hands close to your body, at your side, you sleep in the log position. It is the second most common position to sleep in. unlike the stiff appearance of this position, the personality corresponding to it is one of easy and outgoing nature.

People who prefer to sleep like this find it very easy to socialize with others and can hold a conversation with almost anyone. They are very open and easily out their faith in other people. The latter might sometimes also get them in trouble. However they like to spend their time in the company of the best of the best.


This particular position is only a slight variation of the previous one, the log. If you sleep on your side but with your arms outstretched, like a mummy waking up from deep slumber and about to pounce on their hapless victim, you are a yearner. Such people are the types who are welcoming towards others and open.

However, they are not always very inviting. They are also prone to suspicions and cynicism. Another thing about this personality type is that they take all the time in the world to decide on things, no matter how big or small. And once they have made up their mind, nothing in this world would make them change it.


Sleeping on your back, arms on your side, as if you are a soldier at attention (just horizontally, on your bed- but those are minor details, right?). Such people embody the name soldier. They always hold their own, even when things get unfavorable. They are used to bear things without much complaining.

These people have a very structured life and take everything and everyone in life seriously. They expect nothing but the best, both from themselves as well as the people around them. They are also more likely to turn out to be snorers, than the other two personality types.