See Where You’re Getting Fat And We’ll Tell You How To Fix It

Many people have a problem with obesity, but not all obesity is the same and is not the same reasons. There are six ways of the thickness of different parts of the body and due to various reasons.

The thickness of the upper body

This type of weight gain is eating too much input, sweets and not enough movement. It is necessary to reduce the intake of calories and sugar and exercise more movement.

Thickness half of the body

Type thickness in this area of the body is taking larger quantities of unhealthy foods – fats, sugars, and salt. These people with this kind of thickness you need to consume healthy food and practice exercises for the stomach.

The thickness of the buttocks to the feet

The reason for this kind of weight gain is genetic or poor circulation. This kind of weight gain increases bad habits such as movement and insufficient sleep and leads to swelling in the legs and it is necessary to reduce the intake of alcohol and caffeine.

The thickness and swollen stomach

The excessive consumption of alcohol and fat leads to this kind of thick or swollen stomach. It is necessary to reduce the intake of fats, alcohol and do breathing exercises.

Thickness in the lower part the legs

This kind of thick and swollen legs is removed by aerobic exercises. For this problem to be solved is necessary to reduce the pressure in the legs and joints. Pregnant women are the ones who usually have this kind of thick legs.

Weight gain associated with stress and depression

In this type of weight, gain fat is deposited mostly in the upper body abdomen to the knee and lower body buttocks to the legs. This kind of weight gain usually occurs from stress and depression and overeating and is most common in women. The body can consume the imported quantities of food and creates reserves in these body parts. It takes input smaller amounts of food and constant movement but if they can not reduce obesity requires medical advice.

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