In order to keep our body “healthy” it is not necessary to consume only healthy food but should pay attention to how we eat. Healthy food means conservation of the good mood, have more energy and can save health. Many diseases are bound by eating fast food stress, rapid way of life and not addressing the timing of meals. Here are some ways of eating.

In your diet should first not to eat late night food throughout the day according to olive oil. One should consume a hundred possible and salad with our meal would be significantly better. These small changes will do much to contribute to our health and healthy way of eating.

Eat small serves of food.

When we are at home you can eat small serves of food, and out can ordered salads and appetizers instead of large meals. The key to a healthy diet is the abstinence of food.

It does not matter just what you eat but how you eat.

We are used due to the fast life and quick to eat but there is error. The food we eat should Chewing slowly and felt the taste of it. Very important for our metabolism is breakfast and then during the day to consume foods should be rich with vitamins. Enjoy small meals, eat slowly, each bite feel its taste to feel the joys of food. It is possible to grab healthy foods for a healthy body.


Avoid eating in the evening.

In the longer hours do not have to eat any food and snacks at night munching cent is the worst enemy of us. Some people have the habit of eating late at night but it’s wrong. During the day you were more likely to enter the food in small quantities, it will provide more calories in your body and evening snacks will eject and similar foods. Late night eating is bad because imported foods are much harder to digest try to eat during the day.

Eat fresh foods full of energy.

Fresh food gives you energy and with it entering minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates, antioxidants and fiber. You need in your diet to import fruits and vegetables, eat broccoli, carrots, cabbage, potatoes sleeping rich in iron, zinc, calcium and vitamins A, C K and E. They are rich in sugars reduce the need for sweets.
Fruit is a satisfying way to “meet” with fiber, vitamins and antioxidants. Berries are great for reducing the risk of cancer; apples contain dietary fiber, oranges and mangoes are rich in vitamin C.

Ordering food.

Very important for our body and our health is to know how and in which order to consume food. Very important before every meal to eat fruit because the stomach enzymes that has the entire mixture convert into acid and if consumed fruit after lunch can envision bloating and gas.

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