How to Stop Your Cuticles From Cracking and Peeling After a Manicure!!!

Healthy nails and skin is the dream of every female in the world.

All the girls are taking care of their nails. No matter long or short ones, they must be clean, with good shape, healthy and strong. It is the same with the skin, it supposed to be shiny and soft.

That is why they go to manicure. But, there is always a but, the cuticles are causing a great problem for good-looking nails. Cracked cuticles and skin which is on the edge to be peeled off, doesn’t sound nor look great.

If you peel your cuticles at your home, you are not making a favor to yourself. The only thing that you are making is harming yourself.

In addition to this article, we are going to explain why is this happening, and how can you eliminate this problem.

Cracked cuticles can be stimulated by habits which we have in our life, just like washing dishes, get in touch with chemicals, not cleaning and moisturizing your hands, if you are not hydrated etc.
The manicure can be a reason for cracked cuticles.
When we are in the nail saloon, we are in contact with the chemicals like gels, hail polishers, UV light, leftovers from others costumers etc. All these can cause allergy, or make our skin dry, and the cuticles will crack.

The best solution for cracked cuticles and skin which peels off is hydration. We all need to stay hydrated, because the water will clean our organism from toxins, and will keep our skin hydrated.

Those who genetically have dry skin, are familiar with some crèmes which will help them to keep their hands and skin wet, and not let them dry and crack.

Avoid chemicals
You need to make a break from your manicure saloon. Make a month lasting break and try to take off all the chemicals that you have on your nails. The best solution for this Is Acetone.

You need to find an acetone which is alcohol free, in order not to make your nails dry. In case you can’t stop going on manicure, tell the employee that your skin in sensitive, and she will know what to do.

Use a combination as the best solution
If you have dry skin you need to drink more water, consume more vitamins A and E, omega 3 fatty acids which are stored in the meat of the fish. Only a healthy diet and a lot of water will solve your problem without side effects.

Make a cuticle treatment at your home. 

This solution is very useful, and your hands will look very soft, just like the hands from the advertisements.  In addition, we are providing you the recipe.

You should put in the microwave 1/3 hand cream, some olive oil, around 3-4 drops lavender oil. Heat up these ingredients, so they are warm, but not too hot so you can hold and touch it.

You need to use this cream, so you can put  little bit on each fingernail, and start to massage them gently. The results are awesome.

You can keep this substance in your fridge, up to 3 days. But, You can rewarm it and use it within those 3 days. Not longer.

Quick results

In case you want quick results, you can just apply olive oil on the cuticles. You are going to notice that the cuticles are softer immediately.  Add olive oil on a cotton ball, so you can put it on the nails, and massage gently.

You need to allow the skin to absorb the oil, so for this purpose, you will need to wait a couple of minutes before you wash your hands.