How to Paint Your Nails Perfectly in the Comfort of your Home

I just love painting my nails! It is a great way to express my personality, and I am always looking for fun new ideas to try. But sometimes I just want to simplify and improve my routine so that I can get a basic flawless look. I have featured some fancy nail art collections so far—like 100 Acrylic Nail Art Designs and Tutorials, and 101 Spring Nail Art Tutorials and Designs. But still, none of that provided me with a super simple nail care routine which I can always use no matter what look I am aiming for.
I just found a really awesome video which is just what I was searching for:

This video will teach you how to perfectly prep your nails for painting, and then how to apply the polish neatly and evenly. She spends extra time on the actual technique of painting your nails, and even provides a simple set of four steps to make sure that you are doing it right (Dot, push, pull, side/side). Watching this video I was able to spot some simple mistakes that I didn’t realize I was making.

I tried doing my nails with these new techniques, and I noticed 1-it was much easier, and 2-I did a much better job. So I am so glad that I discovered this video! I think you will love it too. Be sure to check out the other posts that I linked for even more great tips on doing your nails.