Eating less and still gaining weight? You need iodine!

Iodine plays an important role in maintaining good health. Iodine as, for the substrate element of thyroid hormone, affects many body processes. A thyroid gland still has an important role in regulating metabolism and is of great significance for the development of the brain.

Lack of iodine, especially occurs in pregnant women and their babies, because brain development is most intense in the first three months of pregnancy. Iodine is a mineral that in our body is found in very small quantities. The human body simply can not produce, so it is necessary to consume daily.

For adults, it is necessary to consume 150 mg of iodine daily, if not getting enough, the body will start giving you signs. Diet regulates the level of iodine in the body, but may need to be careful what kind of salt is consumed.

Signs that give your body with iodine deficiency

  • Changes in sentiment

Decreased thyroid function, hypothyroidism can occur due to iodine deficiency. That for their part in people who have this problem can cause symptoms of depression and change the general mood.

  • Chronic fatigue

A drastic decline in energy regardless of sufficient sleep is a consequence of the activity of the thyroid gland. It necessarily slows down their work if the body does not have enough iodine.

  • Abrupt weight gain

For the same reasons, iodine deficiency and delayed work on the thyroid gland slows and metabolism and with it the food more difficult to digest. The consequence is obesity, so be careful about what you eat and how much.

  • Sensitivity to cold

With slower metabolism is inevitably and poor circulation. When that happens thermoregulation seriously disturbed so the person is much more cold, even at normal temperature.

  • Dry hair and skin

This is another negative occurrence that is associated with lack of iodine. It complicates the process of sweating, and that affects the skin becomes drier and more sensitive. And the hair is not getting enough nutrients, so it becomes dry and brittle.

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