10 Quick Tips to Lose Weight If You’re a Lazybones!

Everyone wants to be slim and in top form. Buy you can’t be slim, even in top form if you are eating all the time, if you don’t drink water, and I you don’t exercise, on a daily or weekly basis.

We all need to start exercise, on daily basis, is possible.
The exercises will keep us active, and will help us to improve the bodily functions.

But, in case you are a lazybones, some researchers found a solution for you too.

In addition, we are presenting you the hints that you need to respect, in order to lose some weight, without exercises and without effort.

1. Drink water on a daily basis
You may still don’t know, but water is the most important substance in our organism, and it is needed the most.
We all need to drink from 2 to 2.5 liters of water on a daily basis.
It was found that if you drink 1-2 glasses of water before each meal, you will eat less.
Also, the metabolism will work faster, and that means losing weight.

2. Pay attention to the food
You need to get used to eat small dishes.
Beside the fact that they are small, you need to make them healthy.
Be aware that you need to eat the food properly. Without any rush, without swallowing air.
You must feel the taste and enjoy your meal.

3. Use a smaller plate and chopsticks
In case you are eating too much, this is the perfect solution for you.
Even if you don’t know how to eat with chopsticks, you will try hard. With them, the peace that you are going to put it in the mouth, will be smaller, and the stomach will digest it better.

4. Sleep more
If you sleep more, you are going to eat less.
Sleep is very good for your health, especially for the metabolism.
When you sleep the organism itself burns from 50 calories to 100 calories during only one hour.

5. Sleep in cold bedrooms
The Latest surveys discovered that in case we are sleeping in a room which has temperature of 19 degrees, the metabolism burns calories faster, just to keep the proper temperature of the body. So, next time open the window.

6. Add some fat burners
You need to change some food that you are eating on a daily basis and instead of them add to your meals foods like salmon, eggs, nuts, olive oil, hot peppers and green tea.
These foods will help you to eliminate some fat.

7. Forget prohibitions
In case you love chocolate and cookie, take it, and eat it.
But the only thing is to east in normal amounts, so instead of 3 chocolates you can take one.
The best time to east something that we think is forbidden is in the morning, because we have time to do some things in order to eliminate the calories, and still enjoy.

8. Brush your teeth.

As we already know, two times a day, is a regular tooth wash.
But, in fact, if you wash the teeth after every meal, you will be too lazy to eat more dishes in one day.

9. Laugh
Laughing is the best way you burn calories. You will laugh now more than you did that yesterday.
This is scientific proven; we are no inventing anything.
Start to exercise!

10. Use hot compresses
You can eliminate some calories by reading a book or watching TV on your sofa.
Heating will help you to seat, so that means you are eliminating the toxins from your body, and they are getting out in a way of calories.